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MA.&CO. is a Turin based consulting company founded in 1996 with the objective to assist Italian and foreign companies to develop their business, with a strong focus in the Automotive sector.

Main activities:

  • Commercial/technical support for foreign companies willing to enter the Italian market
  • Assistance to Italian companies aiming to grow in foreign markets
  • Engineering support for CAE, CAD, CAS activities, including vehicle dynamics and mechatronics
  • Logistics support for inbound and outbound activities
  • Market analysis and business potential identification

During the years, MA.&CO. developed a consolidated network of local and international contacts.


  • Specific competences have been developed in important projects with European OEMs and international component suppliers
  • Supported international companies to identify the best suppliers for new vehicles
  • Consultant for the FIAT Group for business development in various foreign countries
  • Participated in merger and acquisition projects
  • Provided support to various Italian Companies to enter the Tunisian market, organizing meetings with the local government
  • June 2015: invitation, as the only Italian company for international business development, at the 17th Zhejiang Investment and Trade Symposium in China: targeted to the increase of international business, to the research for qualified personnel and the creation of privileged relations with the local government


Gino Mancin
Gino Mancin

Over 30 years of business experience as Manager of international companies. From 1996 co-founder with Umberto Corino of MA.&CO. S.r.l., consulting company with a strong focus on the Automotive business.

Umberto Corino
Umberto Corino

40 years of experience in leading financial institution responsible of the Financial Division focused on the company loans. From 1996 co-founder of MA.&CO. S.r.l. with Gino Mancin.