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China is an opportunity for any company, and the form of cooperation may be the most diverse: supply or purchase of components, manufacturing partnership to produce locally, technology transfer, even share exchange.
MA.&CO. has established a privileged contact with the Zhejiang province, considered the "California" of China.
The goal is to identify, starting with the Automotive sector, leading companies of "Made in Italy" products and technology interested in “strategic” alliances with leading companies in China through targeted agreements of "Business Partnership".
The aim is to organize in the coming months a B2B workshop in Italy, and another one in China, to facilitate the exchange of information among interested companies.

At the same time is available a B2B portal (HWLink) for international trading services and consulting linkforchina.com, which is the first and only platform that will allow members of Western Enterprises to come into direct contact with the Chinese market, considering that access to the Internet in China is strongly limited.

For more information write to: madeinitalyforchina@maecoitalia.com

HWLink main characteristics:

  • Show to China: due to the Great Firewall, Google is limited and Italian enterprises have a limited exposure to Chinese companies.
  • Cost & time saving: HWLink commercial process model will make you know and get into the Chinese market without useless loss of time and cost.
  • Efficiency and less intermediary: the support to the Chinese companies in the international environment will help to deal directly with them.
  • Less risk: the professional legal support and experienced team in China will keep Italian companies away from the risk of copy, payment and non-compliance with contracts.
  • Easy operation: the approach is based on a combination of Internet, mobile apps, expos and workshops, joined to high-level relationships.